Alberta Wait Times Reporting: Reporting Category Overview

Interventions on the Ankle and Foot in Alberta: Overview

This procedure represents therapeutic interventions or surgical procedures that include inspection, repairs, excision, removal, fixation, amputation, destruction, reduction, drainage, construction or reconstruction, release, fusion, immobilization, implantation or removal of devices, or biopsy of the ankle and foot. These procedures are done as Day Patient or In Patient surgery by orthopaedic or other surgeon.

The graph below shows wait time information for procedures completed for interventions on the ankle and foot in the most recent 3 month period. Majority describes the time that 90% of people waited before receiving the procedure. Median describes the time that 50% of people waited before receiving the procedure. The time across the bottom of the graph gives you an idea of how long a wait you may have.

The calculations include surgical procedures only; those that require a major anaesthetic and/or an incision into the underlying body structure or cavity.

Levels of Care refer to Day Patients (those whose procedure and/or condition do not require an overnight stay in a hospital or approved health care facility) and In Patients (those whose procedures and/or conditions do require an overnight stay). If you know whether you will be a Day Patient or In Patient, you can filter the graph to provide you with more specific information about wait times.

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